IoT subscription management and billing software for the telecommunication industry and beyond

We provide the most advanced connectivity management platform and subscription billing software to manage IoT business demands on a global scale.

CMP – the Connectivity Management Platform

MAVOCO is one of the leading software manufacturers of CMP – connectivity management platforms and as well as subscription management and billing solutions for the world of IoT – Internet of Things.

A CMP software ensures that devices, things or machines can communicate securely and cost-effectively over the internet 24 hours a day, throughout their entire lifetime.
The CMP system manages, monitors and charges typical SIM cards or even eSIMs and / or Multi IMSI Sim cards for one or more providers. MAVOCO’s CMP software also enables network providers that have multiple core systems and IoT platforms to consolidate them into a single one. In addition, the CMP system can also be used as an MVNE platform.

Enterprise-Portal for B2B2B business relations

Designed for Enterprise customers to access related usage and master data as well as order handling and more.

Resource Manager – simply monitor and control all your resources with one tool

The most powerful tool to manage your physical resources like SIM cards, devices, subscriptions and many others.

Enterprise Service Bus – most powerful way to connect your applications and services

Makes high-level protocol communications between heterogeneous and complex services or applications simple, fast and flexible.

Multi layer billing – empowers you to charge all your connections with a click

Will help you to manage billing information for customers, products, rate plans, invoices, etc. within industries like telecommunication, utility and many others.

Online Usage Controller – monitor, count and control all your connections within a single tool

All your usage data will be collected and controlled in real-time and from various sources.

Data Analysis Repository – create all the reports and statistics you need for you business

DAR – Long-term data storage and aggregation for reporting purposes will also enable you to generate individual reports and statistics.

API Engine – get the information and functions you need into your own system

Our API engine is based on Swagger and Raml which enables you to simply integrate functions and features into existing software environments.

Manages connectivity in multiple industries

MAVOCO – helping to manage complex mobile IoT connectivity requirements for nearly every industry

— Telecommunications

— Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO)

— Utility companies & Smart Cities

— Manufacturers

Our advantages at one glance

We are inventing the global standard for connectivity management platform software

With our Connectivity Management Platform we make sure that nearly every business can have the full ability to manage, control and bill their connectivity and fit them to their needs.

We are a technology driven company

We are inventors:

Technology is changing our global society significantly. In the last 30 years, communication technology in particular has changed our life style forever. We believe that the change has only just begun. What we today perceive as science fiction will be tomorrow’s reality. At the center of it all: The Internet of Things.

We, the people behind MAVOCO love to invent something new every day. We are never satisfied with what we have and we never give up on doing it better.

This is our life and we are happy about it.

We build software that enables geo redundancy

The distribution of data and their local storage and processing is becoming increasingly important. Not only for security reasons but also for legal and socio-political reasons.

Companies, people and governments want their data stored there and processed where they want or dictate.

Our software provides all the currently available HA features. Depending on the available Infrastructure up to five nines. Redundant within a data center and mirrored or actively-active with other data centers around the globe. Access via global infrastructure providers such as AWS, Google or Microsoft.

Data can be stored and distributed to comply with legal or internal rules.

We make real realtime charging & alarming possible

Devices that transmit information independently must be monitored much more accurately than devices that are operated by humans. Malfunctions of devices that provide vital data can cost a lot of money or even human lives. The millions of devices cannot be controlled manually. Malfunctions must be detected as soon as possible.

MAVOCO has developed the Online Usage Controller, “OUC”. This software component can measure real-time consumed values, count these values in different counters, calculate the resulting costs and, if there are conditions that are not wanted, send alarm events.

The OUC is able to communicate with all current telecommunication and smart meter protocols.

Why MAVOCO is the right partner for you

Our decades of experience in the telecommunications and IoT industry combined with a future-oriented mindset leads us to create the best solutions on the market.

Full compliance with worldwide telecommunication standards
We invent new solutions for the entire Internet of Things industry
We have the actual real-time charging and ready to go solution

We are inventors. Innovation is the power that pushes us forward. It is this passion that guides us and is the pioneering spirit that drives us to success.


Recent news and updates

We are continuously expanding the scope of our products and services. Therefore we want to spread the word the whole world about what we do!