The Business-to-Business (B2B) model is the engine of the IoT Connectivity Industry. In fact, even most Business-to-Consumer (B2C) applications are Business-to-Business-to-Consumer (B2B2C) models in reality.
Thus, the professional management of the B2B business processes and billing concepts is a key feature of a successful CMP System.

It all starts with SIM logistics. As a first step, B2B customers order large amounts of SIM cards or SIM chips, sometimes directly from the SIM card manufacturer.
These are then put on stock, integrated and tested as part of the production process. After that, ready-to-use devices are stocked, distributed and sold. This is when the actual usage starts.

The customer of the Network Operator is hardly ever the end customer. In most cases the B2B2X business model applies.
Our CMP Software supports B2B2X value chains with a wide range of business processes and APIs. Tight integration in planning, production, logistics and maintenance processes is guaranteed through our extensive and feature-rich APIs.

Simply put, the more significant the customer is, the more important the perfect pricing model becomes. However, since the Network Operator cannot predict the customer devices’ real usage in advance, creating various pricing options becomes essential to minimize any risks.

MAVOCO offers a large amount of innovative approaches and technologies. The new Advanced Rating Filter Technology pays attention to the actual usage and enables a highly accurate and at the same time a simple adjustment of billing models.

Network Operators and customers need constant analysis to manage their business. In the B2B field it is essential to have regular reports about usage and costs.
The MAVOCO Connectivity Management Platform delivers a large number of reports daily, weekly or monthly to customers and operators. Many of them are also available in real-time dashboards.