Innovation is our fuel, our passion and mindset. We, the people behind MAVOCO love to invent something new every day. We are never satisfied with what we have, and we never give up on doing it better.

Accumulated knowledge through experience
We accept every challenge! We are innovators with a hands-on mentality

General statement

We are a team of experienced professionals in the IoT and telecommunications industry with decades of combined knowledge

Technology driven company
We are inventors. This is our fuel and energy that pushes us foreward
State of the art technology
Our solution is loosely coupled, distributed over many Servers and Datacenters.
Scalable Solution for M2M / IoT demands
Our software is designed to manage hundreds of millions or more connections. For the small & big ones
The real Realtime Charging & Alarming
We measure real-time consumed values, count them in different counters, calculate the costs & much more.

Vision, Mission and how it started

Our engineers are at the cutting edge of technology. However, we are very conservative in one thing: We believe that a well-thought-out software architecture and a precisely made design is the foundation for sustainable software.

We believe that nearly all business-critical applications will be running in the cloud in the near future. We also believe that highly scalable computers will drive container technologies such as Docker. SOA has always been our law.

  • 2010
    Founded as Consulting Company under the name Brightroom Innovation by Helmut Lehner & Anton Cabrespina
  • 2014
    Renaming in Machine and Voice Communication GmbH
  • 2014
    MAVOCO relocates from Mattersburg to Eisenstadt
  • 2014
    Joint venture with Transporeon Deutschland & foundation of Freeeway GmbH
  • 2015
    red-stars.com data AG invests into MAVOCO
  • 2015
    MAVOCO wins Burgenland Innovation Prize in the SME category
  • 2017
    Sold the Freeeway subsidiary shares and decoupled both companies
  • 2018
    Transformation from Machine and Voice Communication GmbH to MAVOCO AG


Recent News and Announcements

We are continuously expanding the scope of our products and service, the scale of business and we for sure spread the word the whole world about what we do!