The Internet of Things is becoming more important in every aspect of a business. There are constant, exciting developments within the Internet of Things world. These developments are also creating new opportunities for nearly every businesses to grow and develop. It is crucial for businesses to use connectivity management platforms nowadays, or CMPs, that can help them take advantage of these emerging opportunities.

More and more business is being done within the IoT ecosystem. Manufacture, distribution, promotion and purchase are being brought closer together. This means that the efficiency of production and distribution is growing alongside IoT and new potentials are emerging. A strong connectivity management platform will allow you to develop your business to keep up with this digitization progress. A great CMP is crucial not only for telecom companies and their customers but for all enterprises and manufacturers within the IoT ecosystem.

CMPs are evolving and improving all the time. They are also becoming increasingly central to business. This blog discusses some of the most important aspects of a CMPs that you should consider when selecting the best one for your business.

Sales Efficiency

CMPs enable you to sell IoT services in nearly every possible way and this finally leads to new revenue streams. More and more business-critical applications are being hosted within the cloud. CMPs will, therefore play an increasingly crucial role in business and in IoT in the years to come. MAVOCO’s CMPs allow you to get the right products and services to the right people. Powerful analytics capability and detailed reports will help you to make your sales as well as customer care processes as efficient as possible.


Security is one of the most important aspects of any transaction. Your CMP will help you to maintain an extremely high level of security in all of your transactions and in your data storage. Your information is stored securely and you have total control over who can access any content. As more transactions move within the cloud, this level of security is essential in growing your business. It will also help you to maintain the trust of your customers and associates as you progress.

Monitor All Devices in Real-Time

Our CMP allows you to monitor all relevant devices through one system, in real-time, 24/7. We provide you with total access to whatever information you need, as soon as you need it. You can select exactly the information that you want. Our CMP also produce focused statistics and detailed reports to help you identify patterns and potential improvements. This level of insight and efficiency will allow you to grow your business and set continually higher targets.

Reducing Complexity

A good connectivity management platform reduces the complexity of telecommunications. It simplifies transactions and makes them more efficient. It also makes integrating new technology and new users very straightforward. A CMP can help you to define and manage tariffs and rate plans and monitor SIMs for misuse or customers exceeding limits. MAVOCO’s CMP also facilitates multiple billing models to cover all your business needs. This gives you and your customers the best possible flexibility.

Options for Your Customers

As more transactions are done within the cloud, users of all types want full control over their IoT use. Our CMPs provide customers with options for how to operate and manage their activity. The more control a customer has over their use of your services, the more satisfied they will be. The ability to adapt technology to individual needs is increasingly important as IoT becomes more prominent within nearly every industry.


Scalability is an important aspect of any CMP. A good CMP will be ready to grow with your business and to adapt to developments in IoT. MAVOCO’s CMP is future-proof and ready to meet new demands. Our platforms are built with the capacity to manage hundreds of millions of connections, sim cards or any other devices. However, they are also designed to support small virtual network operators to enhance their capabilities by working with the full potential of our software. This means that whatever kind of business your running, from telco to manufactures, utilities or solution providers, MAVOCO’s CMP is ready to support you.

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New Revenue Streams

A Mavoco CMP can help you open up new revenue streams for your business. It will increase your reach and your ability to access new markets, release new products and to provide your service way more efficiently. It will also be ready to take advantage of the new opportunities it helps to create. A Mavoco platform will allow your business to grow sustainably. You can adapt the way your CMP functions to suit the needs of your customers and your colleagues.

The right CMP can help you reach new heights. Consider the factors discussed above when choosing yours. MAVOCO offers a fully flexible (commercially and technically) and modular Connectivity Management and subscription billing platform to match your requirements.


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