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iot connected world software

Despite or perhaps precisely because of the fact that the current crisis is creating a massive challenge to mankind, this challenge will open up new opportunities, especially within the IoT ecosystem. Nevertheless, the Internet of Things is an increasingly important part of our daily lives. More and more systems are set up to gather, analyse […]

For the first time, MAVOCO was present at The Smart City World Expo in Barcelona from November 13th to 15th. Together with our partner SAP and several other companies, we had an amazing booth to display our products and ideas. Hundreds of companies were there offering their ideas and products; all focused on enabling the […]


Many people are talking about it, a lot of cities are already doing it. Turning traditional cities into smart cities.   By 2050 up to 70% of the citizens of developed countries are expected to live in cities. Those cities will only cover approximately 5% of the world’s surface.

iot connected world software

Traditional companies have been making Things for thousands of years. Yet, it is the addition of the Internet component that has stirred up business across all industries; creating an IoT market with countless new opportunities. Many of these changes have been straight forward, while some visions of the future IoT market sound like complex science […]