Our Connectivity Management Platform ensures that your Internet of Things devices are and remain connected. It allows you to monitor your connections 24 / 7 / 365 from one single platform. It protects your customers and your own business from fraud, is globally scalable and offered for a reasonable price. Our CMP supports all of your business models and helps you to open new revenue streams.



Enterpise Portal


Data Analysis Repository


Online Usage Controller


Resource Manager


Billing Manager


API Engine


Enterprise Service Bus

  • Reduces the complexity of telecommunications to a minimum
  • Manage your own or external resources which can be sold
  • Manage to which accounts the resources are sold
  • Define and manage your tariffs & rate plans
  • Execute bill runs, create statistics & reports
  • Provide the customer with all the options to manage and automate their own subscriptions
  • Simplfy the integration of external software and other services
  • Fulfills the requirements of sales partners and hosted MVNOs
  • To enable Network operators to sell IoT services to enterprises and generate revenue
  • To facilitate multiple billing models. For example:
    Zone models based on geographic regions
    NWP Pricelist model based on price per visited network
  • To monitor services in real-time in order to prevent SIM misuse and exceedance of contractual limits
  • To allow the implementation of complex value chains (hMVNO, Reseller)

IoT – the digital revolution impact on a global scale

A software solution that runs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and manages millions of connections can only be implemented with state-of-the-art technology. Loosely coupled, distributed over many servers and Data centers.

We believe that nearly all business-critical applications will be hosted in the cloud in near future. We also believe that highly scalable computers will drive container technologies such as Docker.

CMP that handles the future demands of connected devices

Projections of the amount of growth in connected devices are massive. Our customers want and need the certainty that software has the capacity necessary to handle all future demands.

Our software is designed to manage hundreds of millions or more of connections, but also designed to allow small virtual network operators or resellers to use the full potential of the software.

The service-oriented architecture allows to scale either by distributing multiple instances of services or / and by providing additional infrastructure resources.

CMP Architecture Overview

The right software to empower your business

In case you want to know more or you have questions regarding our CMP software solution you can easily get in touch with our sales engineers or just send us your RFQ.