API Engine – enables the full power of our whole CMP solution and makes it fully flexible and integrable

Our platform has been built with modularity and integrability as a central design cornerstone.

On one side, the platform provides all the systems needed to manage the IoT Connectivity at all relevant levels (Account, Price Plans, Invoicing, Resources, etc.). On the other side, Service Providers and Enterprises can gain access to ALL the relevant functions of the Solution via API. This gives them the power to adapt how the CMP works to their own needs:
The Enterprise Portal includes following Sub-Modules (Depending on the number of objects managed, modules may be duplicated.)

  • Creating totally unique User Interfaces for Enterprise Accounts
  • Enabling Enterprise Accounts to fully embed IoT Connectivity in their own business, production and service delivery processes
  • Integrating the CMP into existing General Business Systems such as ERP, Banking & Revenue Assurance, Logistics, Ordering, etc.
  • Implementing the CMP/DAR as a data source for external Big Data Analysis and Machine Learning Algoriths. And eventually enabling those Machine Learning Algorithms to take automated actions on the IoT Connectivity via the CMP APIs.

Benefits of MAVOCOs API Engine

Our API Engine gives you the full power to adapt how the CMP works and allows you to connect your existing systems and environments together to have the full flexibility.

Let your own customers simply integrate your IoT connectivity into their own environments and systems, fast and simple.

Our API Engine is also made to gather data from various sources and collect them in our DAR database. This enables you, your partners and customers to profit from the analyzing and power to generate additional knowledge.

The right software to empower your business

In case you want to know more or you have questions regarding our API Engine you can easily get in touch with our sales engineers or just send us your RFQ.