APIs– enable the full power of our CMP solution as part of your entire network

The way we look at things changes with distance. The further you are from a system, the more visible the entire structure becomes. A Connectivity Management System cannot be viewed as a single entity. Mobile Network Operators or IoT Enterprises have many existing systems.

Core components, Networks, F&C systems, CRM, OSS, and possibly existing BSS systems. Their integration depends on various, sometimes unpredictable situations.

For this reason, MAVOCO has applied the principle of API-First in the development. Before the services and applications are developed, a set of interfaces are defined first for each service. Therefore, MAVOCO offers an interface for almost everything. Every function that the Connectivity Management System has can also be accessed via the API and can be integrated into an external system.

MAVOCO uses the same APIs for all applications, thus actual usage is guaranteed. All interfaces are made available via a central Enterprise Service Bus. However, there are more than 1000 interfaces summarized in individual topics. There are interfaces for both the Mobile Network Operators and the end customers.

Security and access authorizations are assigned and controlled by the MAVOCO CAS System. General services such as audit logging or notifications are managed centrally and do not have to be reimplemented for each API.

The MAVOCO Connectivity Management System offers the most extensive collection of interfaces of all IoT Connectivity Management Platforms on the market.

With Kafka, we enable scalable, real-time integration of our Connectivity Management Platform into existing systems with little impact and risk on them.

Integrating a new Connectivity Management Platform into an existing Core or BSS infrastructure is challenging in most cases. The seamless integration of end-to-end business processes and their functioning without interruption or delays are crucial. Very often, it’s easier said than done. The stable coexistence of different technologies, interfaces and processes is often missing. It’s not always clear who the master and who the client is.

Scalable, low-impact, real-time integration with Kafka

When designing our software, MAVOCO closely followed the functioning of the human body. Our central nervous system takes in information through our senses, processes the information and passes them on to the body. Our brain interprets these information and triggers actions. Actions like communicating and interacting with other people. This is exactly how our Kafka-based Central Notification System “MavoNotify” works. Events, state changes or critical situations are passed on to the MAVOCO Connectivity Management Software and also to external software systems via “MavoNotify”. External systems can monitor various communication channel “topics” and can react to events, completely detached from the processes that run in the MAVOCO Connectivity Management Software. Since our system operates in real time, instant notifications towards external systems are guaranteed. In combination with the API supplied by MAVOCO, the implementation of different integration scenarios is enabled. The master-client issue is therefore a question of the situation and not of technology. Kafka is a widely available and highly scalable messaging system. “MavoNotify” is the ideal environment for every integration scenario.

State-of-the-art replacement for Radius Forwarding

Larger business customers, MVNOs and resellers need Data, SMS or Voice consumption data (CDR’s) in a fast and secure manner. The faster the consumption data is delivered, the better the retail prices are calculated, rules are triggered or irregularities are detected. As the integration via the Gy Interface is not always possible or desired, Radius Forwarding becomes an alternative. However, there are also some risks to be avoided. “MavoNotify” can also deliver Event Data Records (EDRs) to external parties. They correspond to the individual events of the Gy or Radius Protocol. It’s fast, safe and highly scalable. Since “MavoNotify” has an inbuilt queue interface, long-distance integration is uncomplicated, secure and does not require expensive leased lines.

In case you want to know more or you have questions regarding our API Engine, just get in touch with our sales engineers or send us your RFQ.