OUC – real-time control over all types of data usage: SMS, minutes, data and other metrics.

The OUC is a real-time data consumption control system based on diameter and/or radius protocol. Within the OUC, data structures are created inside the in-memory database, which serve as counters for individual consumption elements.
These counters minimize the risk of fraud and trigger alarms based on defined thresholds. The OUC is always in synch with the Billing Manager and the Resource Manager.

Advanced charging

Our OUC server works according to the advance charging approach. This approach allows our Online Charging Controller to configure and utilize service units (eg. SMS or Octets for DATA) from same a shareable package to many subscribers (SIM cards) without performance degradation.

Central Unit Determination

The central unit determination guarantees you the pre-configured amount of service units and counting in real-time. To reduce the risk of underperformance or counting distortion, the amount of requested service units is provided by diameter and your configuration is taken as requested service units value for grant evaluation.

Benefits of MAVOCOs Online usage controller

The architecture and state-of-the art technology used to run the Online Usage Controller makes this tool one of the fastest real-time usage counting systems in the industry. Our OUC performs under extremely high load and rough conditions created by specific database structures, server architecture and complex algorithms.

Our OUC is built to handle metrics, values and data from multiple industries and areas. We can count and charge telecom services like minutes, sms, MBs as well as utility services like gas consumption in m3 or subscriptions and many others. This allows you to use the full power to nearly every industry worldwide.

With our strong telecom background we have fine-tunned our OUC to handle complex and heavy performance oriented requirements. Other industries will profit from this orientation as well, therefore we enable them to count nearly everything in real-time.

With our decades of knowledge in the telecommunications industry we have built our OUC to support and enable the most common and popular technologies that every telecom operator owns. Therefore the Online Usage Controller can be quickly integrated into existing systems and environments with ease.
The whole system structure also enables other industries to connect to their standards and needs within a very short period of time.

The right software to empower your business

In case you want to know more or you have questions regarding our Online-Usage-Controller software solution you can easily get in touch with our sales engineers or just send us your RFQ.