RM – manage all your resources from one single tool and empower your business

The Resource Manager manages all resources and their corresponding business processes that an IoT connectivity provider can provide. These includes, SIM and eSIM cards in all variants, APNs and their IP allocation, VPNs, roaming profiles, service setting, security profiles.

When resources are purchased by customers, the Resource Manager hands over the appropriate resources to the Billing Manager. The Resource Manager is network- and technology-independent and can serve as a superior central system for multiple networks and technologies.

The Resource Manager includes the following sub modules (depending on the number of objects managed, modules may be duplicated.)

Resource Database

The central database that holds the main objects: SIM, SIM Profiles, SIM Batches, SIM types, SIM manufacturer products, APNs, VPN, IP numbers rules, security profiles, SIM orders, VPN orders, APN orders and many others.

Benefits of MAVOCOs IoT resource manager

The Resource Manager is network- and technology-independent. It can serve as a superior central system for multiple networks and technologies for different industries like telecommunication, utility, manufacturing and many others.

The RM allows you to setup your own business processes and tailor them to cover your needs. No matter if you’re an IoT connectivity provider or a company manufacturing cars. Manage your resources and connections from one single platform.

Flexibility is the key! We allow you to make it the way you and your business need it. Our RM supports multiple industry needs and allows you to fully handle the things your business requires.

The right software to empower your business

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