The CSP Portal

It is the ultimate tool that the Network Operator or the Connectivity Provider needs. It allows the platform users to manage everything an Operator needs to run an IoT Connectivity business and also to manage the entire CMP Platform.

The major components of the CSP Portal are:

• Product Management
• Account Management
• Subscription Management
• SIM Inventory
• Profile Management
• Network Repository
• Platform Management and Administration

Product Management

Products and price plans can be created in the Product Management module.

We differentiate between:

• SIM hardware products
• Price plans for SIM level subscriptions
• Price plans for IoT subscriptions (device)
• Price plans for account level subscriptions
• Hardware products
• One-time services

The Price Plan Creation Tool allows the user an almost unlimited creativity in pricing. Tax profiles can be stored behind the individual cost elements and different tax rates can be defined for international business activities. The Product Management module supports the versioning and approval processes, making sure that uncontrolled and inconsistent prices won’t enter the market.

Account Management

The Account Management Tool is used to onboard customers. Master data for persons, companies, and accounts can be created here and the contents of the contracts are stored in a structured manner. Deliveries of hardware, SIM cards and services can be built and changed here. The tool also provides various dashboard and reporting functions for the entire customer base as well as for individual accounts.

Subscription Management

The Subscription Management Tool includes a number of functions for creating, managing, and evaluating subscriptions. It starts with a Purchase Order function enabling the customer to order connectivity that the Connectivity Service Provider will then deliver. Subscriptions can be changed and maintained over time, as they have their own lifecycle. Ultimately, the Connectivity Provider wants to understand which subscriptions are selling well and which are not. A number of evaluations are available for this requirement as well.

SIM Management

The SIM Inventory is the central module for managing all aspects and the related resources of the SIM card’s lifecycle. It’s the heart of every IoT Connectivity Provider. It should be mentioned, however, that we use the term “SIM” here as a synonym for connectivity. In the SIM Inventory module, physical SIM cards, eSIM profiles and IMSIs are managed over their entire lifecycle, from beginning to end. The MAVOCO Connectivity Software provides a large number of individual functions here.

Some examples are:

• Management of SIM manufacturers
• SIM branding management
• Management of SIM types
• Management of SIM batches
• Loading of SIM batches
• Loading of eProfiles
• Management of IMSI Pools
• Management of MSISDN Pools
• Management of SIMs
• Management of IMSIs
• Management of eProfiles

Profile Management

The Profile Management Tool defines the set of functions that are available for the customer. In order to control this easily, profiles and settings for different areas can be created in the CSP Portal. For example:

• APN and APN Groups
• IP Address Pools
• Service Profiles
• Roaming Profiles
• Rating Groups

Network Repository

The Network Repository module provides the ability to add and manage mobile networks from all over the world so that they can be used by subscribers. The tool serves as a central information point for all countries, Network Operators, and individual countries. This information is used by various subsystems and processes. For example, Zones that are used for the rating plans can be centrally maintained here.

The configurations and basic settings of the entire platform can be maintained here.

Central Authentication Service (CAS) User Management System

The User Management functionality within the MAVOCO Connectivity Management Platform can be integrated into existing Identity Management Systems or can be operated by our own Identity Management System, and a combination of both is possible as well. The system supports the Multi-Tenant capability of our Connectivity Management Platform. For this reason, User Management was developed as an independent application in which Users, User Groups, ACL templates, and Messaging templates can be managed. The functions of the CAS User Management System can also be reached directly from the other Portals.

Benefits of MAVOCO’s CSP Portal

The CSP Portal is network- and technology-independent. It can serve as a superior central system for multiple networks and technologies for different industries like telecommunication, utility, manufacturing and many others.

The CSP Portal allows you to setup your own business processes and tailor them to cover your needs. No matter if you’re an IoT Connectivity Provider or a car manufacturer. Manage your resources and connections from one single platform!

Flexibility is the key! We allow you to make it the way you and your business need it. Our CSP Portal supports multiple industry needs and allows you to fully handle the things your business requires.

The right software to empower your business

In case you want to know more or you have questions regarding our Resource Management Software solution, just get in touch with our sales engineers or send us your RFQ.