For us, Consumer IoT (CIoT) in its various forms is the supreme discipline in the IoT world. The concept of CIoT goes beyond the classic consumer services of Network Operators and the IoT business-to-business (B2B) services. Consumer IoT is a more complex business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) setup. Most Consumer IoT devices are not sold directly by the hardware manufacturer, but through distributors, dealers, or integrators through their own online shops or through other large sales channels such as Amazon.

The concept of CIoT always raises the question of the identity of the contractual partner/ distributor of the IoT solution and the contractual partner of the connectivity, and also, the type of relationship the distributor of the IoT solution and the provider of the connectivity have. Taking these questions into account, a number of business and logistics processes have to be set up. Our MAVOCO Connectivity Platform supports many Consumer IoT requirements out of the box. However, we are firmly convinced that there is no such thing as “one” solution for the various demands. A Consumer IoT solution in the automotive sector will function differently than a Consumer IoT solution in the animal tracking or home security sector. Therefore, MAVOCO has created a “white-labeled” standard solution that can be integrated and adapted into an existing digital business landscape. A few components of this solution are:

Prepaid Wallet

A Prepaid Wallet is an account of a Consumer IoT user topped up with money. The available amount can be spent on the use of one or more devices and/ or connectivity. The Prepaid Wallet solution enables the billing of the connectivity as well as the billing of any other IoT-based services that can be measured by sensors. As an example, the Prepaid Wallet service will issue the billing for mobility services (the kilometers driven), for the use of a camera (pictures or minutes of videos) or for the number of locations (animal tracking). Whether the connectivity is charged independently of the IoT service or as part of the IoT service is merely a business decision.

Payment Channel Integration

The MAVOCO Connectivity Management Platform provides a complete integration of well-known Payment Service Providers (PSP), the adaptations are available for the integration of existing or new PSPs.

Online consumer authentication service integration:

In most countries of the world, the identity of a consumer has to be exposed. This applies especially to the online sale of telecommunications services, but it also serves to correctly offset VAT across different countries. Banks, PSPs and other Service Providers offer digital methods that are either already integrated into the MAVOCO Connectivity Management Platform or can be integrated via adapters.

Partner Compensation / Shared Income

If the retailer of the IoT solution is not the contractual partner of the connectivity, there is in most cases a commission for the sales. And MAVOCO has developed some innovative solutions for that. The distribution of the commissions to one or more partners according to several criteria is possible even in real time.

Multi-Country / Multi-Region Capability

The MAVOCO Consumer IoT Platform is designed for the global scale. This means that the solution supports country-specific setups such as currency, tax rates or legal regulations.