DAR – the data longtime storage and perfect base for every data warehouse

Our Data Analysis Repository feature is really similar to typical data warehouses, but built on a different architecture to serve as a base for our customers own data warehouse systems.

It collects and aggregates data from different sources like our core elements or by using the API Engine as well from external systems and applications. The DAR provides a pre defined set of reports that can be transferred to any destination as well as RAW data that can be requested by the customers warehouse system and finally processed there.

mavoco data analysis repository

Benefits of MAVOCOs Data Analysis Repository

Our DAR is used as an aggregation engine to gather data from various sources into one powerful data center to enable additional service functionalities to other internal and external systems.

Data from MAVOCOs core systems like Billing, OUC and others

Data and information from other 3rd party or customer systems

Gathering and the distribution of e.g usage date in different formats like CDRs or similar is a major part of an properly working system. Therefore our DAR provides our internal components as well es external customer applications and warehouses with pre processed or raw data.

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