Data is the new oil – as numerous industry experts have declared it lately. It may not be entirely true, but it says a lot about the importance of data. One thing is for sure, data has become one of the most valuable resources in the world recently.

Storing data but not processing it, is simply a waste of energy.
Data collection, aggregation and evaluation will generate meaningful information about patterns, trends or events. However, patterns change over time and with the amount of data. It’s like looking down at the Earth from space. Things will take on a new perspective if you observe them from different angles.

MAVOCO’s Data Analytics Repository has been developed for an optimal data processing solution. It is a sub-system of the Connectivity Management Platform that is used to store, aggregate and evaluate data. It is Hadoop-based which allows a distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers. Our Data Analytics Repository has been designed to scale up from a single server to thousands of servers.

MAVOCO’s Connectivity Management Software generates a number of standard reports for Operators and for customers. These can be started automatically or individually anytime – daily, weekly or monthly.

The Network Operator has the option of assigning reports to each customer individually. Once the reports have been created automatically, the customer can access them via the Enterprise Portal.

Real-time dashboards are available for many sub-areas in the CMP Software. For example SIM Logistics, Account Management or Sales Performance, to name but a few.

Benefits of MAVOCO’s Data Analytics & Reporting System (DAR)

Our DAR is used as an aggregation engine to gather data from various sources into one powerful data center to enable additional service functionalities to other internal and external systems.

Data from MAVOCO’s core systems like Billing, OUC and others

Data and information from other 3rd party or customer systems

Gathering and the distribution of e.g. usage data in different formats like CDRs is a major part of a properly working system. Therefore, our DAR provides pre-processed or raw data to our internal components as well es external customer applications and warehouses.

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