The products that most IoT Service Providers offer are Hardware Packages, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Connectivity.
Finding a suitable billing model for the end customer is often challenging.

On the one hand, Hardware, Software and Connectivity are only the enablers of the solution and cannot be used exclusively as a basis for billing.
On the other hand, the providers would like to offset their own costs and get a fair price.

B2B or B2C Enterprise Billing

MAVOCO has been dealing with B2B2B or B2B2C billing for years and has developed or adapted many components of the Connectivity Platform for Enterprise Billing.

One of the billing features of our platform is that a SIM card can be charged multiple times. The Network Operator charges his own customer first and then the Network Operator’s customer charges the end customer.

The MAVOCO Enterprise Billing Feature is an add-on to the Connectivity Management Platform. This add-on enables the Operator’s customers to manage their own end customers, assign SIM cards and devices to end customers and set prices for their use.
Price plans can be generated for hardware, software, and services of all kinds, for telecommunication consumption and events that send IoT sensors or smart meters. The price plans are completely separated from the Network Operator’s price plans.

Customer prices are not visible to the operator.

All data is encrypted and can only be used by the owner. The Enterprise Billing module supports multiple currencies and tax rates.
Interfaces for the import of data from CRM Systems are available as well as interfaces that guarantee the transfer of invoices to accounting systems.