The CMP – Enterprise Portal

The Enterprise Portal is the customers’ main tool. And customers mean the customers of Network Operators and their customers. It is the access point for all users to the features required for the daily management of business-critical operations in the IoT industry.

We defined the customers of the Network Operators as “Accounts” and customers of these simplify customers.
The Enterprise Portal allows the Accounts to manage SIM cards, devices, and customers, to create Purchase Orders, or to structure a hierarchy of Access Rights for the organization.

SIM cards can be managed in the SIM Card Management module. This includes the administration and control of network properties such as the selection of eSIM profiles, service profiles, security and roaming profiles, and the assignment of APNs and IP numbers. The EP also allows the management of subscriptions and price plans including pools.

The automation options for all settings are enormous. Predefined activities including the firing of any external APIs can be triggered by events that are evaluated in real time.
Events are, for example, reaching the data usage plan or the SIM card’s location in a certain country. The rules can affect individual SIM cards or all SIM cards. The total amount can easily be restricted to a partial amount using a filter.

SIM cards can be organized by groups or tags. Groups can correspond to organizational units, fleets, or other aspects. Tags are intended for additional earmarking, e.g. by Customer Care Department for particular processing by another Department.

A large selection of dashboard functions and reports help customers understand usage and costs in order to be able to react quickly.

The portal also offers diagnostic options through a large number of evaluations of network-related information.

The relation of SIM (connectivity) to devices and where they are located (location) is the second major aspect of the Enterprise Portal. Customers can load their device information to the Enterprise Portal via API or batch tasks and link them automatically, semi-automatically, or manually to the SIM cards. All functions can also be done manually.

SIM cards and devices can be assigned to customers, using the Customer Administration System, and we mean B2B2B customers here. The Customer Assignment option enables the evaluation of costs and consumption per customer. And the Enterprise Billing option allows the issuing of invoices for the end customer via the Enterprise Portal.

The Network Operator can either grant the customer access to a SIM Purchase Order function via the Enterprise Portal or can deliver electronic invoice documents to the customer.

Benefits of MAVOCO’s IoT Connectivity Management Platform

The Enterprise Portal is the central application for managing everything needed for your business such as SIM cards, smart meters, sensors, subscriptions and many more.

Can be used by customers or enterprises

Can be used as an internal management tool

Give your customers or partners the full power to manage their devices, things, information and much more. Your customers can store data which are related to their own business, as well as allowing end user to freely manage their information.

Our EP will be securely hosted (as a PaaS solution) on our servers in Europe. Geo-redundant and equipped with multiple failovers, we can guarantee you a stable and powerful environment with zero added effort, risk or hardware cost.

The Enterprise Portal can be branded and integrated for the enterprise customer and can also serve as a central interface for integration with existing customer IT systems such as ERP, CRM or production systems.

The right software to empower your business

In case you want to know more or you have questions regarding our Enterprise Portal Software solution, just get in touch with our sales engineers or send us your RFQ.