Why Do We need a Multi-Tenant Connectivity Management Platform?

All roads lead to Rome – as the saying goes, but there are many paths to choose from to get there. There are also many paths for a single solution in the IoT industry. When it comes to the question, whether a multi-tenant system is necessary in today’s Cloud computing era, opinions are divided. MAVOCO also came across the question and decided to focus on customers’ needs. We believe that offering one centralized system for all our customers is not the best solution, a multi-tenant-capable system is the key in many cases. Multi-tenancy is the best available option for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with networks in several countries, for MNOs planning to offer infrastructure for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) or for smaller customers seeking to use MAVOCO’s powerful software but cannot finance their own dedicated infrastructure.


Multi-Tenant Connectivity Management Platform for Groups

Centralized and distributed at the same time, what a contradiction. But that’s exactly what MAVOCO offers. MNOs owning a network or offering services to customers in different countries can operate the Connectivity Management Platform centrally in one country and can create a tenant for each and every country that has access to its own and other mobile core systems. The Multi-Core Functionality allows the tenant to connect to Mobile Cores of different providers and existing CMP Systems (MAVOCO Overlay) anytime. Combined with the MAVOCO eSIM solution, it enables an IoT connectivity solution for customers who seek innovativeness, flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Its strength and uniqueness lies in the functions of the MAVOCO Global Rating Grid for operator groups. The Multi-Tenant System is designed precisely for such setups. Whenever the PGWs of all operators in the group send subscriber usage data into the Rating Grid, the data is forwarded to the respective tenant and get processed. The billing of the eSIM profiles of different tenants is therefore a simple procedure.

Multi-Tenant Connectivity Management Platform for MVNE Support

Resellers are great assets to any Mobile Virtual Network Operators. With the right strategy, they optimally complete the operations of the MVNO’s Sales Department. Many resellers have access to markets that the Network Operator does not have or can hardly reach. Involving these individual industries or countries can ideally make up the functioning of the MVNO. The term “Mobile Virtual Network Operator” is broad and can refer to different setups. It could stand for an Operator with an independent Core Network or can signify a Reseller who is using the entire Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). MAVOCO’s multi-mandate-capable Connectivity Management Platform enables Network Operators to offer any number of MVNOs the entire Infrastructure-as-a-Service.

Multi-Tenant Connectivity Management Platform for IoT Service Providers

For an MNO, connectivity is always the center of the universe. An IoT Service Provider, however, sees connectivity as a tool that enables the business model, but it is not their focus of attention. An IoT Service Provider can offer the customer a device-related service or the connected device is not visible to the end customer. Regardless of this, however, the IoT Service Provider must be able to manage its devices and the associated connectivity efficiently. From a certain size and number of devices or connected Network Operators as partners, it makes sense to use an independent Connectivity Management Software. Either as an overlay system or as a business platform for billing complex IoT services.

MAVOCO offers with Network Operators, technology partners or with Cloud providers, the CMP use for IoT Service Providers as-a-Service.

For start-ups with great potential, through small and medium-sized companies to large industrial companies with millions of devices.