An Umbrella CMP

Overlay means that the MAVOCO Connectivity Management Platform can access one or more Connectivity Management Platforms of other manufacturers. Also, it can access other instances of the MAVOCO Connectivity Management Platform and can manage them in a consolidated manner. It could be referred to as the Umbrella System as well.

There are numerous reasons why the MAVOCO Connectivity Management Platform is used as an overlay system.
Some Network Operators use it to consolidate older or less powerful systems, while other Network Operators offer connectivity from their own group or from partners in other geographical areas.

When it comes to the overlay function, important issues such as Permanent Roaming and eSIM arise.
Also, enterprises requiring global connectivity should be indicated here, as the main beneficiaries of the function.

Multi Core – Multi CMP Overlay

The MAVOCO Connectivity Management Software was designed from the ground up as a Multi-Core and CMP Overlay and therefore has many outstanding functions. The most important feature is that the IMSI as an identifying element in mobile telecommunications in the MAVOCO Connectivity Management Software always knows its origin. The network abstraction layer translates every business process into the target system.

MAVOCO offers a Plug and Play integration to external Connectivity Management Platforms: to Nokia WING, CISCO Jasper, Comarch CMP, Vodafone GDSP and Ericsson DCP .