Most Network Operators do not disclose billing data to third parties in real time. The technology often used today is Radius Forwarding with all its consequences. MAVOCO is breaking new ground with the Global Rating Grid Architecture, creating a basis for a solution that is unique on the market. It enables Event Data Records (EDRs) to be transferred to the Global Event Queue (GEQ) via our Online Usage Contoller-A (OUC-A) to be cloned and forwarded several times. The GEQ transfers the EDRs to an external Kafka-based messaging system. The recipient can either process them immediately with the MAVOCO Rating Engine, store them temporarily or process them further in another system. The integration of an external MVNO, Reseller or IoT Service Provider with MAVOCO’s Next Generation Wholesale Billing Stream solution takes place in real time and it’s completely separated from the network technology. Network Operators can offer the best of two different solutions.