The Digital Twin is a key concept and one of the top trends in today’s high-tech industry. Basically, the digital twin takes real-world data about a physical object and simulates the physical object in real time. In another words, it uses real-world data to develop a virtual replica of the physical object. Thus, real-time observations, simulations or other virtual changes can be made to the digital twin without risking the original physical asset.

MAVOCO has transferred the idea of the digital twin into telecommunications enabling a SIM card to have one or more virtual twins. On top of that, the physical connection and the virtual connection do not necessarily have to have the same owning account. This enables the development of many new business models that would be very difficult to implement using a physical SIM only.

MAVOCO’s SIM Twin Technology is applied in the automotive industry, it comes into play in the context of shared connectivity. As different applications of various providers can be downloaded into and run on the built-in communication platform of the car, various costs arise for the user. But the costs of the data traffic generated by these applications can be divided between different parties. For example, the automobile manufacturer pays the costs for telemetry data, and the car owner bears the car’s WLAN costs. A SIM Twin gets assigned to each party involved. Each party can act independently, sees data relevant to its SIM Twin only and is charged for its individual usage.

The SIM Twin concept can also be used for the real-time simulation of alternative price plans. Network Operators and customers cannot always manage to define and determine the best price plans in advance. Having a large number of SIM cards makes a post-simulation process very challenging. The SIM Twin Technology enables a completely isolated rating of several, different types of price plans. It is a sole decision of the Network Operator whether the technology is used for simulations or as a best price guarantee.

The SIM Twin solution can also be employed in the digital product lifecycle management, where the product can be connected right away at its creation in the lab and throughout its further stages while it’s manufactured, distributed, etc. until it’s decommissioned and disposed.

SIM Twins can also be used for billing complex distributor or reseller payments. A SIM Twin can be assigned either to a reseller or to a distributor for its entire lifetime. The digital twin of a SIM card gives the reseller control and insight without having real access to the SIM.