Shared IoT connectivity for the automotive industry – the next generation Split Billing solution

Connected cars and connected transport systems are becoming more and more widespread in the automotive industry. Built-in multimedia and connectivity platforms that enable the use of various applications make connectivity to other digital services and devices possible. In most cases, this connectivity is already an integral part of the digital services, the user is not charged for it separately. Installing separate hardware for each service is outdated and access to these services is often denied.

Android and Apple devices are good examples of how to overcome such complications. As soon as a user registers for a service, the service will be ready-to-use immediately. If a hardware had to be installed every time the user would like to listen to music, the music streaming market would be a fraction of what it is today.

This is exactly where the principles of the MAVOCO Split Billing Innovation based on our SIM Twin Technology and our Advanced Rating Filter Technology apply.

The SIM Twin Technology enables the distribution of connectivity of a single SIM card to several virtual ones. The rules of the division are enabled by our Advanced Rating Filter Technology. Various aspects can be incorporated into the filter definition and can be combined as required.

Examples of these aspects include IP addresses, domain addresses, APNs, regions, countries, networks, time or network technologies.
The SIM Twin Technology also allows different payment types and services for the individual applications. For example, postpaid, prepaid and digital wallet services as well as the redirection to an existing contract with a Network Operator. As an example, a car manufacturer can have a postpaid pool contract for all the SIM cards in the region, but the wireless network connection in the car is billed by credit card.