Traditional companies have been making Things for thousands of years. Yet, it is the addition of the Internet component that has stirred up business across all industries; creating an IoT market with countless new opportunities. Many of these changes have been straight forward, while some visions of the future IoT market sound like complex science fiction. In both cases, simple or abstract, each opportunity is going to come wrapped in a unique challenge of its own.


Research shows that the largest challenges for businesses offering IoT powered products involve security concerns and scalability barriers. These topics apply to all sectors of the Internet of Things, and the ability to identify these issues within each specific realm of the IoT market is key to an enterprise raising its ROI. By looking at how these challenges have been addressed correctly, one can see that there are IoT solutions which facilitate profitable business models within the complexities or the IoT market.


Model of Success – Sports and Leisure Industry

Products offered by companies in the Sports and Leisure market are mainly connected by multi-network IoT SIM Cards that comply with the 3GPP security standards. It’s a technology that consumers know and are willing to accept. Therefore, the infusion of IoT has quickly changed the manner in which we exercise and enjoy the outdoors. Movement trackers and wellness Apps are turning analytics into personal trainers. Meanwhile, hunting and wildlife enthusiasts are getting actionable information from the remote collection of data on land and animal behavior.

The growth of sales and scalability of the business is also empowered by coupling products with IoT SIM Cards. As there is little additional cost involved with integrating SIM Card connectivity to existing products, enterprises are freed to test and find exactly what consumers want.


Common products offered in the Sports and Leisure include:

  • Smart Clothes (wearables)
  • Bioinformatics Collection
  • Movement Trackers
  • Land Management
  • Wildlife Cameras
  • Personal Security Devices


Improve Operational Efficiency – Transport and Logistics

The benefits of multinetwork SIM cards are exponential for companies in Transport and Logistics. Such companies have assets spread across large geographical areas, requiring their IoT integration to be network independent. An IoT SIM card that uses the strongest signal in any area is vital to this mission. They are able to utilize smart solutions to streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase profitability.  By finding solutions specifically designed for their enterprise, the correct integration of SIM Cards allows a transport company to connect all of its assets and access real time data streamed to a cloud network.


Connectivity enables:

  • Aggregation of Field Data
  • Monitor Equipment
  • Technician Deployment
  • Proactive Maintenance
  • Real Time Weather
  • Traffic Updates


Overcome Complexities of the IoT Market with MAVOCO 

Our IoT solution comes with both the IoT M2M SIM Cards and a management portal to monitor data usage and to provide full administration functionalities. By monitoring which devices are using what data and where, businesses can control their entire SIM estate with ease. Full visibility of your IoT SIM cards can be vital, especially if you have hundreds out in the field.


The MAVOcloud enterprise portal also enables administrators to activate and deactivate SIMs, add usage alerts and even add security thresholds. These features not only reduce your risk of overusing data but prevent your SIMs from being misused.