In contrast to public networks, private LTE or 5G networks do not belong to the scope of a classic telecommunications provider.
They normally serve to cover your own data communication requirements. However, the properties of private LTE or 5G networks are identical from a technical point of view.
This also means that many operational processes such as SIM management or SIM logistics are very similar to the processes of network operators. However, the business processes and billing properties are different.

MAVOCO offers private LTE or 5G Network Operators a suitable version of the CMP Platform.

This platform is either hosted on an Azure Cloud or can be installed on premise and on a private Cloud.

The CMP System can also connect several private networks and act as a central management tool.
For example, if the customer has one plant in Europe and another in the USA, the MAVOCO CMP can manage both private networks at the same time. The additional integration of one or more public networks is possible with the overlay feature.

The MAVOCO CMP System grows with the needs, from the first SIM card to millions of SIM cards spread across the globe.