The automotive industry has always been driven by technological innovation. But the massive changes that are currently on their way are more than remarkable. Major trends are merging into far more innovative solutions.

ACES stands for Automated (Self-driving or Assisted), Connected, Electrified and Shared Mobility.

Every single megatrend in the automotive industry requires connectivity. More assistance, more automation, and more data to be exchanged. Drivers and passengers want to stay connected with their community even in the car, infotainment is no longer reduced to listening to the radio only. Charging optimization and battery life extension can be intelligently managed online. And as new mobility services (like car sharing or ride-hailing) are exploring new business models, mobility is not necessarily associated with car ownership any longer.

A car without connectivity will soon belong to the past.

Global connectivity for the automotive industry is still a challenge, in the future even more than now. The individual applications in and for cars are not homogeneous yet. Autonomous driving requires a considerably shorter latency time like streaming music or downloading a map. Some communication services are needed by manufacturers, some by the owner or driver who do not necessarily have to be the same, and an ever increasing set of third parties offering services such as e-charging, insurance or parking in the context of mobility.

MAVOCO has taken up this challenge. We believe that global connectivity can only be achieved if multiple operators collaborate. Either this is managed by the car manufacturer, in which case they need a Connectivity Management Platform with multi-core and overlay capabilities, or the global connectivity is offered by an operator with partners or by a partner consortium. In both cases the requirement for a CMP System is again a multi-core/ overlay-capable CMP System.

The idea that separate electronics are installed for each application is absurd. It’s like using one smartphone for WhatsApp and another for Instagram. For us, shared connectivity is fundamental. MAVOCO is a pioneer in this field. SIM Twin Technology allows mobile connectivity to be virtualized from a billing and management perspective. The central physical connectivity does not need to be changed.

Shared Connectivity

A key aspect of shared connectivity is the charging and management of specific services such as 4G, 5G or LTE-M. We do not assume that all applications will need 5G in the future. Multi-radio units will be able to provide different bearers for different applications. A CMP System needs the ability to selectively manage and charge these. Our dynamic Multi-Subscription Technology supports many different use cases.

Connectivity in a car will be shared connectivity, we are convinced of that. The amount of data that the manufacturer or one of the business partners need are handled in a B2B model. Consumers prefer B2C methods such as paying by credit card or other payment methods. The MAVOCO Connectivity Management Platform can either be integrated into an existing customer portal via API or the MAVOCO white-labeled Consumer IoT Portal is adapted as a customer portal.