On June the 5th in 2019 the 7th overall IoT Forum CE took place at the Tech Gate Vienna in Vienna.
This year we have decided to not only participate in this very valuable event, but we also wanted to share some knowledge and experience with the audience.

Stage Talk 2019

Our CCO, Anton Cabrespina took the stage on the 19th floor at the sky lounge and presented a very important topic to us as a company, the digitization and transformation from traditional cities to smart cities.

The IoT Business Case presentation held by Anton was called:

For all of you, who missed this awesome event and Anton’s talk, we have recorded it in the full length including the Q&A session to not allow you to miss this.

Anton Cabrespina @ IoT Forum CE 2019

IoT Audience

Overall we have enjoyed this event, full of IoT professionals, companies and individuals within this enormous Internet of Things ecosystem in Austria and beyond. From big telecom provides (MNO) up to tech startups and R&D facilities, all the important areas were covered by this year exhibitors and speakers.

We have also captured the IoT Forum in some pictures, so you can imagine what you have probably missed last week.

You can also find some more pictures @IoT Forum CE website.