It is clear that the industry has grown exponentially every year, and likewise, the MWC has expanded every year to keep pace. There is an excitement about IoT, especially the deployment of 5G and all the possibilities it brings with it. What has changed is that there are many new devices for personal communication and it´s not only about smartphones anymore. It´s about virtual reality, infotainment systems for cars and much more.

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At the Mobile World Congress, we saw numerous attempts to combine telecommunication with electric transportation. From urban mobility solutions like E-Scooters to more traditional solutions from manufacturers like Volkswagen and Seat. One thing that caught my attention was the combination of a drone and a taxi. I am fascinated to see in which direction mobility develops in the next year and if more people decide to move on from their cars.

There are promising innovations to be seen in the wearable sector as well. Not so much in the way of numerous new applications, but you can see a lot of unique, young Start-Ups who want to revolutionize our view of the different objects in our daily life.

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Many people are excited that 5G is enabling the whole industry to connect billions of new devices in a way that is only now possible. It has resulted in companies that are looking into some intriguing possibilities for innovation with 5G and the Internet of Things that could disrupt the market.

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Impression and insights by Anton Cabrespina

“In the past, mobile communication was mainly applied to personal communication. Now there is a massive trend towards applying mobile communication and connectivity to a growing number of new scenarios. Before, there was only a traditional relationship between connectivity service providers and customers who didn´t have a lot of different requirements to manage their connections. However, with a new type of user, the market now requires a unique platform to manage all those use cases. Modern telecommunication will not only include Connectivity Service Providers and the end user but many more actors who rely on mobile connectivity for every thinkable scenario.”

Anton Cabrespina, CCO & Founder



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