Full-Power Connectivity Management Platform for MVNOs

Nowadays, existing Connectivity Management Platforms (CMPs) focus on business models designed for Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) only. This leads to massive challenges for Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) because they are tied to only one operator per platform and have to go through expensive and lengthy implementation scenarios. Moreover, some essential features and capabilities are missing to make their business more flexible. For example, MVNOs have to face the missing billing capabilities for their customers (preferably one for all IoT Products/Services). Also, MVNOs lack the management of complex, nested customer value chains and self-service capabilities.

We solve these problems by delivering a universal platform covering all the needs of Mobile Network Operators in the Internet of Things business

  • Multiple Operators for IoT connectivity
  • Nested B2B2B… customer value chains
  • Billing for IoT connectivity and all other IoT products/ services
  • Possibilities to adapt to customer’s requirements:
    – Self-service portal
    – Process integration via APIs
  • SaaS model for fast deployment

Manages connectivity through multiple carriers

MAVOCO – helps to connect MVNO partners and carriers into one powerful tool and enables new business opportunities

— Full MVNO

— Light MVNO



We empower MVNOs to manage all resources and their corresponding business processes that an IoT Connectivity Provider can supply.
These include SIM and eSIM cards in all possible variants, APNs and their IP allocations, VPNs, roaming profiles, service profiles, security profiles.

MAVOCO’s Resource Manager (RM) is network- and technology-independent and can serve as a superior central system for multiple networks and technologies.


A real-time data consumption control system based on diameter and/ or radius protocol. In the OUC, data structures are created in an in-memory database which serve as counters for individual consumption elements.

These counters reduce fraud risk to a minimum or trigger alarms and rules when predefined thresholds are exceeded.


Our CMP provides capabilities to create Customer Price Plans. These Price Plans can then be assigned to specific Accounts and to specific Contracts within the Account. Advanced options such as sharing the usage of Services across different units within the Account are fully supported.
Also, events can be managed as a part of a single Price Plan. For instance, a single distributor can create rating plans easily and for his own purpose, like for connectivity or any other events that have been defined.
The platform can work with any external Account and Billing Management Systems. Alternatively, the Service Provider can choose to use these functions as provided originally by our platform.


The Billing Manager manages the most important datasets, rules and settings that are used in the commercial handling of the IoT/ M2M business.
These include companies, people, products, price plans, costs, prices and invoices.

All business processes and interfaces are provided that are related to manage the beginning-to-end lifecycle of an Account. This includes all contractual and billing aspects of the Account lifecycle, including the creation and assignment of new service products.

Models such as the prepaid/ postpaid, multi-country, multi-currency models or multiple taxation rules are supported fundamentally.

Every Master Billing Manager can have many Client Billing Managers, Branded Resellers or IoT Solution Providers with their own Price Plans. Integration to an existing ERP, Banking or Payment Platforms are also principally supported.


Accounts defined in the platform can access their own usage data and self-administration functions using the Enterprise and User Portal.
This is a state-of-the-art “cockpit” that provides a very high value to both Service Providers and their customers alike. For example it enables to:

  • Create and manage Users, assign User rights, monitor User activity
  • Accounts can define Sub-Accounts and can structure their assets as desired
  • All usage information is displayed in real time. Usage monitoring, alarms, reports or rules for automatic execution can be accessed, defined and managed independently by the Account
  • All functions are available via APIs. This makes it possible for the integration of these functions to external applications and service platforms.

The right software to empower your business

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