For the first time, MAVOCO was present at The Smart City World Expo in Barcelona from November 13th to 15th.

Together with our partner SAP and several other companies, we had an amazing booth to display our products and ideas. Hundreds of companies were there offering their ideas and products; all focused on enabling the progress of Smart Cities. Municipalities and state Governments from Europe, Asia, Russia as well as North America also exhibited their achievements. From sustainable city concepts, urban mobility, and smart grids, to innovative software management solutions, nearly every aspect of the theme Smart City was on exhibit to a full crowd in Barcelona during this three-day fair.

This Expo marked the first occasion where we were able to demonstrate how our software fits into the Smart City ecosystem. The focus of our showcase was the MAVOCO end-user interface software, which empowers cities to profit from every step into the Smart City realm. With MAVOCO’s solution, cities, utility companies, and others within the industry are able to bill the usage of water, gas, or electricity with the added benefit of managing and collecting usage data in actual real time. This empowers cities to do much more than simply charge for utility usage. For example, individual rate plans can be created for all citizens and families, including subscriptions for services such a: public transport tickets, parking, public facility entries like swimming pools, or shared mobility like e-bikes.

Through our powerful system, it is possible to integrate third-party systems and use your data in other legacy Systems. This makes our service the perfect fit for cities of all sizes, as well as multi-national utility companies, and even countries. Our visitors at the Smart City Expo often remarked how the flexibility that is provided by our system is exactly the solution everyone has been looking for.


Insights into what happened in Barcelona

To give you a little more insight into what happened in Barcelona, our partner SAP recorded a few interesting videos about what they are doing for the smart city industry. We want to share this specific video with you, which is mainly focused on Governance and Finance and presenting the SAP digital boardroom for city government and the public sector.

All in all, it was an amazing opportunity to show off our ideas, use cases, and to spread the word about how and what MAVOCO can deliver to todays cities and utility companies around the world.

A statement about the fair in Barcelona from our CCO Anton Cabrespina summed up the event for MAVOCO:


We are really happy about the opportunity to partner with SAP as well as the invitation to the Smart City Expo. This gave us an incredible, deep view into the entire Smart City and utility industry. We had some very good talks, and we are sure that we can spread our software solution to this industry pretty quickly.


We have seen so many interesting “things” and solutions and therefore we have taken pictures of it, for those of you who missed this amazing event or did not has the opportunity to meet us at our booth in Barcelona.